DreamMaker Ice Cream Carts

The Ice Cream Bike

The DreamMaker Ice Cream Bike was engineered from the ground up beginning with a very high quality Genuine Schwinn bicycle. The DreamMaker Ice Cream Bike comes in many colors and can be customized with any theme that you like. The smooth glossy powder coated sides of the cart body were designed to accept colorful vinyl graphics perfectly. If you have a special theme or color combination in mind our graphics department can deliver! Give our team a call today! 800.408.1802
The DreamMaker Ice Cream Vending Bike is an amazing piece of work that will have you enjoying your workday like no other. The DreamMaker Ice Cream Cart Bicycle has a huge capacity to serve Ice Cream Products all day long for great profits.

The DreamMaker Ice Cream Bicycle is an amazing piece of professional vending equipment. Our engineers have worked tirelessly to get the geometry and construction exactly right to create the perfect piece of equipment for operational performance and professional functionality. It's extremely balanced and easy to maneuver. It is constructed of very high quality Schwinn components, heavy gauge box steel tubing, stainless steel and awesome American craftsmanship. This is the perfect Ice Cream vending bike!

The DreamMaker Vending Bike has a very large ultra insulated freezer compartment cooled by super cold, long lasting "dry ice". The freezer compartment can hold a great supply of ice cream novelties, such as: Ice Cream Sandwiches, Pop Sickles, Italian ices, Eskimo Pies, Bomb Pops and the list goes on and on. Their are dozens of different pre-packages ice cream treats that sell for amazing profit. Everybody has a favorite ice cream novelty on those hot sunny days. Cold beverages, and other pre-packaged items can be also be stored in the cooler for additional revenue generating sales options.

Their are many other great possibilities for this type of mobile vending cart besides just ice cream. Because the outer body of the ice cream cart's freezer compartment (under the super tough powder coating) is steel, which means that magnets will stick directly to the cart. Touristy Refrigerator Magnets are extremely popular these days, and also sell for a terrific profit. You could have your carts graphics done with magnetic signage and change it up at will, daily or seasonally.

One more possibility during the evening time at special events or popular evening time tourist destinations, boardwalks, piers, concerts and other outdoor areas is the Illuminated Plastic Neon Novelties like necklaces, bracelets, fibre optic flashlights and such. These items are very popular with the kids at these outdoor events. There is certainly a great opportunity to hang these all over the cart and the umbrella to create a great presentation that could be an entirely separate profit stream, even if you are not selling ice cream also! But, why not put a large storage basket on the rear of the cart and do both? The sky is the limit with this versatile mobile vending cart!

** The custom vinyl graphics and custom umbrella shown are optional. Our graphics design team can work with you on creating your own perfect vision for your Ice Cream Bicycle. Or if you prefer, we can certainly duplicate exactly what you see in the pictures. The bike comes with a standard heavy duty two-tone umbrella of your color choice (the same umbrella shown, without graphics).

True American Craftsmanship!

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Ice Cream Bike Specifications:

Chassis Specifications    
Bicycle Chassis : Schwinn / Custom
Speeds / Gearing : 15 Speed / 2 Derailleurs
Wheel / Tire Size : 24" Heavy Duty
Braking / Stopping : Rear Caliper Style
Chassis / Body Coating : Powder Coat (many colors)
Outer Body Material : Galvanized Steel Sheet
Frame Material : Heavy Gauge Box Steel
Cooler Specifications    
Cooling Lining : Solid 18 GA Stainless Steel
Cooling Method : Dry Ice
Interior Capacity : 200 Quarts
Dry Ice Capacity : 12 Pounds
Cleaning Ease : Ball Valve Drain
Cooler Opening Dimensions    
Length : 22 Inches
Width : 14 Inches
Cooler Interior Dimensions    
Length : 31 Inches
Width : 19 Inches
Depth : 24 Inches
Dry Ice Area : 3 Inches
Overall Dimensions    
Length : 86 Inches
Width : 40 Inches
Height : 55 Inches
Height w/ Umbrella : 99 Inches